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MedGate is an innovative solution for establishing and providing health care service 2 customers all around the world. With MedGate it’s easy to find the best solutions at the most affordable prices and benefits from the wide range of medical networks provided. Based in Coimbra, we aim to offer the best solutions to people searching

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Medical Networks

Our network is composed of the best medical facilities and medical professionals in order to provide the best services at the most affordable price. In a continuously improving network we aim to offer the best solutions to everyone in need of health care services and Wellness centers. 

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Travel Arrangements

With a stress free philosophy we provide all services for travel arrangements like booking flights, hotels, transportation and even escorting and translation services inside the healthcare facilities, by providing full services packages that will benefit all our customers. 

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We work with the best clinics in medical treatment and research with our premium line-up of partners.

We work with the best clinics in medical treatment and research with our premium line-up of partners.

Curia Palace – Hotel SPA & Golf

Pure lifestyle in one of the most magnificent hotels of Portugal, now lovingly restored honoring its original Golden Twenties style and grandeur. The hotel – located in the centre of the spa town of Curia, at the northern outskirts of...

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Clinic4you was born in 2012 and has as main objective, the provision of health care in a humanized way, close to people. Young, competent, specialized team! Standing out for betting on innovative areas of medicine. MEDICAL AREAS Anesthesiology/Pain Consultation General...

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Luz Saude Coimbra

Hospital da Luz Coimbra is the largest private hospital unit in this region and a reference providing integrated and specialized health care. Initially designated Idealmed – Unidade Hospitalar de Coimbra, it changed name to Hospital da Luz Coimbra, in March 2018, when was...

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MyFace Aesthectic Clinics

Facial Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Facial Aesthetic Medicine Facial Growth and Advanced Orthodontics Center Orthognathic Surgery Rhinology and Imunoallergology

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Leite Clinics

With more than two decades of solid experience, Leite Clinics are a reference in the area of private health. Under the clinical direction of Prof. Doctor Eugénio Leite, stand out for their excellent services and the constant commitment to world-class...

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Centro Cirurgico de Coimbra

The “Centro Cirúrgico de Coimbra” is a primary health care facility for anyone that seeks premium health care installations and excellent customer service. In this private health care unit, the ´One Stop Clinic´ concept is adapted, offering care and treatment...

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